My domain says my name so I am going to tell you who my name represents. I am an aspiring writer and photographer, an artist, an empathetic soul interested in many things ranging from sociology, to psychology and graphic design; music and technical stuff like cameras. I am a nomad in when it comes to the things I love. It turns complicated when they ask me what I want to do. Can I do 5 majors, a triple minor and join about 20 clubs? Also, I adore learning with every fiver of my being and I have a severe obsession to volunteering specially to building houses so… my confusion grows by the day… it is sometimes overwhelming BUT I trust the guy above the clouds to guide me.

I am a voice in this world. Blogging gives every person in the world the opportunity to be heard, yet my hope as a journalist is to speak up for the voices who feel left out or muted by the worlds indifference. Since I was little, every time I see a documentary or a movie based in true events I fantasized about talking to the people who went through the events portrayed in the films and telling their stories. The same happened when I volunteered, I wanted to tell the stories we build houses for, they feel forgotten, left out, and ignored by the government and contemporary civilians. I dream to report on world injustices through stories of people worldwide and hopefully motivate someone either to join my traveling in search of stories or to help in the way that person can. I hope you enjoy a variety of posts from a passionate idealist!



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