My Mentor/ Mi Mentora

My mentor Pilar Pedraza, is a Peruvian photographer, very talented and dedicated to everything she does. Parallel to my classes with her, I started volunteering at the social work she and Morfi Jimenez (photographer) created in a shantytown called Villa Maria del Triunfo. “Verte Mirarte” is a space where they teach children different techniques in... Continue Reading →


My relationship with photography/ Mi relación con la fotografía

Theories and mechanisms are tedious no matter what you are learning. But, what turns tediousness into enjoyment is putting these into practice; and what turns practice into your life is the passion, the dedication and the love you develop in the process. We live in a world where there are determined patterns telling us how... Continue Reading →


Percentage of population aged 15 years and over who can both read and write with understanding a short simple statement on his/her everyday life.From the data provided by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, last updated on October 2015 we observe that around the world (without China), adult literacy rate is higher in men than women.... Continue Reading →

Data Journalism Critique

Bloomberg Politics presents us with a graphic about the new administrations federal budget proposal for 2018. Being that the information comes form the White House Office of Management and Budget, we trust the increase and decrease of funding is accurate. The graphic presentation of colorful circles is effective in that they call the public’s attention... Continue Reading →

Meet the life behind the camera

Marjorie Pillar is a photographer. From editorial and producing photojournalistic books for Harper Collins like Pizza Man to educator. She takes us back in time by teaching black and white film photography at Hofstra University. Black and white film gives photography its definition; writing with light. Digital photography might have tricked people into believing that... Continue Reading →


Monday through Friday she drives high school students; on Saturdays and Sundays, she opens the door of Hofstra’s Entertainment Shuttle.  Her smile invites students to say hi, thank you and goodbye. This is the way she describes it, “If you give respect, you receive respect.” A quality she notices more on college students than on... Continue Reading →

Atlas of Beauty

  Atlas of Beauty. The Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc, 31, grew up with an artistic influence, her dad was a painter. She saw life with colors. Passionate about photography but aware of the economical instability she might encounter, she worked in different jobs that allowed her to save money. At age 27 she quitted her job,... Continue Reading →

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